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Thursday, February 12, 2009

outline almost done

Here is an image of the 1/4" rod outline almost completed.  I just have to add a few small supports, finish the mounting plates for the webbing, and smooth out some of the welds.  When this is done I can start tigging the 3/16" trussing into place.

the other half

Here is Chris' website, blog, and a wonderful shot of his mug ........

Getting Started

I began my senior project ideation with four different project ideas, but in the end I decided to continue with a collaboration between Chris Ruhland and myself.  We have been taking traditional furniture forms and re-designing them with trussed steel rod frames and woven webbing surfaces.  The first piece that I am fabricating is a chair inspired by mission style spindle back chairs.  This image is a sketch of the overall form of the chair.  Construction has already begun and an image of the progress will be posted soon.  To start, we purchased about 100' of 1/4" mild steel rod and a roll of 1 1/2" webbing.  This all cost us around 50 bucks.  We still need to buy finishing products and enough 1/8" or 3/16" rod to do the trussing, but the final cost of materials should be less than $100 (relatively cheap).  Hopefully this will make up for the extensive fabrication time which is my responsibility.  I will post sketches for the other pieces when the chair is nearing completion.