In progress documentation of current projects that I am working on

Friday, August 28, 2009

3-d renders!!!!1

I've been learning a new 3-d modeling program called Cinema 4-d and here are a few of my first renders.  I've been working on a dinner table set using plyboo (plywood made from bamboo), a veneer chair and a house which is my first architectural endeavor.  Check it out!


These are a few works that I designed a while back and will hopefully be building for a show coming up in January.  The chandelier will be a cluster of frosted incandescent bulbs that will not be powered.  They simply form a diffuser for the energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs in the center.  It is my way to preserve the simplistic beauty of classic bulbs while jumping on the green lighting bandwagon.  The table is an acrylic form with the wireframe of a cabrio legged table printed on the inside surface.  It contains the simplicity of a contemporary minimalist table with the flowing curves of a classic icon.   I imagine the lines as being bright pink in color to further disassociate the visual form from its origins.  The third piece is still in the early stages of design but it will be some sort of form that cradles a single incandescent bulb to create a desk light.  Any critique on the designs would be very helpful.